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Is social media grabbing us by our souls?

By Jemmi Laaninen  /  2017-12-14
Social media activity is everywhere. Most of us use our smartphones several hours per day. Are we sacrificing our face-to-face interaction and human touch to caressing cold screens?
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5 funky facts about diet habits

By Jemmi Laaninen  /  2017-12-07
Diet is a very personal thing, but it often leads to good discussions. Consumers are more and more aware of different dietaries and the impact food makes on their wellbeing and environment. On our survey regarding diet habits, we have made interesting discoveries.
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Feedback and customer satisfaction – how to get the data

By Jemmi Laaninen  /  2017-12-04
How to get your customers to give feedback about things in general and not just when things are going sideways? How to get the data easily and what to do with it?
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Reckitt Benckiser – In-Store Audits Are Company’s Extra Pair of Eyes

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2017-11-29
How companies can learn about their product placement, campaign visibility and retail execution in stores? Crowst enables to see through the eyes of consumers with customer driven in-store audits.
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Why Should You Care About Your Customer Journey

By Jemmi Laaninen  /  2017-11-28
Customer journey has ranked up in company agendas. Why should you care about your customer journey and what can you do about it?
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Wörks Agency Validates Ads With Consumers

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2017-11-28
Design, ads and marketing. How do the creative minds know what works through the eyes of the consumer? Read how the Helsinki-based Wörks agency has adopted the consumer view in their daily work.
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