Crowst is a Finnish company. In addition to our domestic market, we work with stock-listed and smaller companies on an ongoing basis around the globe, designing and executing insights projects. Our clients commonly contact us on insights needs relating to the Nordic Countries, Baltics, Germany, East European Countries, France, Spain, Italy, the UK, Japan, China, Brazil and USA. Altogether, we cover 80 countries in the world.

Our services cover behavioural and attitudinal surveys and creative concept and campaign testing. In Finland, our location-based in-store and mystery shopping services are considered cutting edge.

Yes we do, always when required. In 80 countries around the world, reaching 62 million respondents altogether.

We believe in the intuitiveness and simplicity to the respondents. Our solution is designed with this in mind, so that the respondent’s genuine and spontaneous emotions steer his/her answer process. In the studies we typically show text-based content, messages, pictures, films, or a combination of these to the respondents. Always based on the needs of the project at hand.

When the goal is to test something that is being designed for the market, our job is to ensure that the targeted consumers have as clean as hassle-free position to express their views. This has been our guiding principle from the design of our service platform, down to the execution on independent studies and how they are structured.

On a weekly basis, we are working with several clients on behavioural surveys, concept & campaign testing, location-based in-store and mystery shopping projects, and other projects engaging consumers. You can read about some of our collaboration and references here.

Do you have a specific need in mind? Contact us, let’s talk. We also do projects that are not covered in our references.

We can agree to invoice based on completed projects, or set an ongoing fixed and monthly invoicing model for a pre-agreed period with defined service coverage. We want to make it easy for you, aiming at minimizing the hassle. Let’s talk, we want to hear what you would prefer.

Shall we talk more on your specific insights need, or other type of collaboration? Call us, or email us: contact[a]crowst.com. You can also see all our contact details on the Our people page.

If you have any more questions, let’s talk