Our respondents are our greatest asset

Individuals, not just data points

We believe in going straight to the source for the best insights, so we connect with real people around the world to help you understand your target audiences and their needs. Meaningful and actionable insights help you create better products and services and boost your sales performance.

With Crowst, you have access to 62 million consumers and business professionals in over 80 countries worldwide. Take advantage of our rich respondent targeting attributes to learn from the audiences and segments that matter to you.

  • Why do we think differently about respondents?
    We see them as individuals with unique thoughts and ideas. 
  • What does this mean in practice?
    We focus on creating a meaningful experience for them.
  • Who are Crowsters?
    Crowsters are our most engaged users in Finland, who are our most valuable asset.
Around the world

Reach your target audiences in over 80 countries.

Understanding Finland

Respondents representing all sides of Finnish population.


Highly specific targeting, real-life insights.

1. Crowsters

The most engaged individuals – Crowsters

We are especially proud of our Crowsters, the most engaged respondent pool in Finland. Living very much in the moment, they have a high level of interest in current topics and trends, but are also eager to discover the next new ‘thing’. 

Crowsters participate in studies via the Crowst mobile app and are accustomed to giving speedy responses, including qualitative feedback. Their responsiveness and response quality are unbeaten.

We will expand our Crowsters to markets outside Finland soon.

With Crowsters

You reach the most driven, active and engaged audience.  

  • Crowst is the best channel to access hard-to-reach target groups  
  • Unparalleled response speed
  • Targeting based on interests and behaviours
  • Build your own audiences
  • Location-based shopper studies
When should I choose Crowsters as my audience?
  • When you want to access hard to reach consumers
  • When you want to connect with consumers on location in stores, at their homes, at cafes / restaurants
  • When you want to target you own startegic customer segments
2. Understanding Finland

See Finns from every angle

The platform enables an integrated access to conduct nationwide representative studies. With Crowst you are able to reach respondents up to 80 years old and have the opportunity to build dedicated audiences.

With Crowst you get highly quality verified data. Our specialists will continuously monitor and remove poor quality responses during the study.

With Crowst extended respondent base in Finland

Utilise our Crowst Dashboard to conduct custom studies and reach Finnish audiences.

  • Reach respondents quickly and easily
  • Behaviour-based segmentation studies

  • Qualified answers within minutes
  • Targeted as well as nationally representative audiences
When should I choose Crowst extended respondent base in Finland as my audience?

When you need to see Finns from every angle.

3. Around the world

Reach people in over 80 countries

Crowst has built international expertise and experience through a global network of international panels.

We can execute consumer studies globally and deliver the best quality results from around the world.

Combining your global insights needs under one platform is an agile and cost-efficient way of managing your company-wide consumer insights.

With worldwide respondents

  • Reach 62M people, in over 80 countries
  • Easy, hassle-free access to respondents around the world
  • People managed quality controlled responses
  • Targeted audiences as well as nationwide representative samples
  • Translation services available
When should I choose worldwide respondents as my audience?

When you want to understand the consumers and compare results in different markets fast and easy.

See our approach and how this works