Meet our superpowers behind human insights

Richard Jerome
CEO & Founder


+358 (0)50 4800 106

Richard’s background combines business development, strategic insights, product development and intelligent platforms. Having worked in global roles for multinational companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Nokia and Microsoft, Richard is seasoned to encapsulate how to make a business drive, fuelled by relevant insights and data. Richard is a proud father of two sons and you may spot him on a jogging track.

Jyrki Kallinen
CMO & Co-Founder


+358 (0)50 4871 954

Jyrki’s background covers marketing, branding, partnerships and insights. During his career at Nokia, Microsoft and Rovio, Jyrki has won international awards for introducing disruptive concepts and novel marketing approaches. Having a strong understanding on the interlinkages between business, operations and insights, Jyrki is dedicated to help clients triumph. Jyrki is passionate about music and things that grow.

Jutta Närhi
Marketing & User Engagement


Jutta’s skills and experience is solidly founded on understanding people and facilitating meaningful exchange of opinions. At Crowst, Jutta is the engine supporting and steering the ever-growing respondent base of Crowsters, the best mobile respondents in Finland. On her leisure time, Jutta airs her thoughts at the gym, baking world-class pizzas with her chef boyfriend, or by having walks in the forest with her dog.

Emil Wiljanen
Service Quality Controller

Emil’s experience is mostly based on customer service and leadership, which has led him to see things from the customer’s perspective and make quick decisions in his daily work. At Crowst, Emil is in close contact with the Crowsters, including the verification and quality control of the study data, ensuring top service and content quality Crowst is known for.

In his leisure time, Emil is passionate about sports, exercise and music. Emil likes to run, climb outdoors, or play his guitar at home.

Marcus Ahlfors
Mats Wolontis
Chairman of the Board
Piritta Koivisto
Board Member & Advisor
Erik Wiljanen
Karri Kauppila

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