Understanding opinions, buying behaviour and competition

Smarter access to relevant human insight

600 responses in an hour, from your dedicated audiences.

Attitudinal and behavioural studies

Source relevant insights to understand your customers.

Do you wish to understand what influences peoples’ behaviour? Do you wish to understand how to build meaningful customer relationships? Crowst offers targeted and direct access to the minds and opinions that matter, resulting in better and more competitive products and services.

  • Poll opinions and attitudes
  • Track experiences
  • Assess buying behaviour

Target the right segments

Your insight results are only as good and actionable as your targeting is. We want to ensure you hear the voice of those that matter the most. In the countries and cities of your interest.

Track surveys in real time

When your survey is live, view its progress on the Crowst Dashboard. Filter and compare data on the fly. Retarget your surveys and track change in attitudes and behaviours over time.

You’re in good company

See how we future proof brands and companies with relevant human insight

“The relevance of the audiences match and speed on sourcing insights with Crowst has been invaluable to us.” 

Mariana Liljeström, Research Manager at Vaasan Ltd

“Crowsters, consumers who live throughout Finland and use the Crowst mobile app to respond to studies, delivered us the first 100 responses from Helsinki to Oulu within 24 hours.”

Tomi Kuittinen, Head of Insight & Foresight, HKScan

By working with Crowst we have learned the strength of mobile in sourcing direct insights from citizens. People are able to respond using their smartphones, which means the responses and automated insights are available on the Crowst Dashboard, always up-to-date.”

Heli Rantanen, Head of Citizen Interaction, City of Helsinki

“With Crowst, we want to ensure we are feeling the pulse of those who we are thinking of when developing our retail excellence. People who are interested in sports, personal development and wellbeing.

Tero Tynkkynen, Commercial Director, Amer Sports

“We wanted to get that genuine pulse of thoughts, and we got it with Crowst’s solution designed for smartphones.” 

Jussi Laukkanen, CEO of Saimaa Brewing Co

“It was so easy for us, and most importantly, the consumer engagement via Crowst didn’t slow down our concept go-to-market process, it only contributed to it.”

Marko Röytiö, Managing Director, Clas Ohlson Finland

“Crowst has shown us what modern technology coupled with meaningful, compelling insights look like.” 

Annika Kumpunen, Country Manager of Finland, Sevan

“Crowst is the engine for meaningful, agile insights that help to take go-to-market strategies into action.” 

Kaisa Mensonen, Executive Director of The Finnish Bread Information

HK experiences

HKScan adopts the field force of 22 000 eyes in Finland, dedicated to developing retail excellence

Developing and optimizing retail excellence is an always-on priority for companies that have a consumer-facing in-store presence. How to allocate investments, how to optimize the points-of-sale setup, how to enhance the customer experience at stores where consumers buy? This equation includes several variables such as marketing activities, consumer perception and cost. From the perspective of… Read article
suunto retail insight

Suunto chooses the insights driven fast track to boost retail sales performance

Health and wellness related services, products and concepts have consistently increased their popularity in the recent years. This is an understandable and expected trend especially in countries where a large share of overall consumption is focused on vices and treats. People are increasingly aware of the importance of sleep quality, vitamins and how they affect… Read article
helsinki insights

The City of Helsinki sources insights through the eyes of its citizens

Cities could be considered as living organisms. Cities have hearts, and these hearts beat when citizens live their lives, go to work, hobbies or buy groceries. Cities’ hearts beat when people move around the city and experience things, meet each others and exchange thoughts. Depending on time, trends, local developments and macroeconomic factors the city’s… Read article

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Segmentation on food consumption by Crowst

Segmentation on food and eating – Introducing the “Six Finns”

Based on our own extensive fieldwork and dataset collected in Finland, we are introducing the “Six Finns”; key consumer segments based on food and eating habits. These segments are available for targeting in any insight project.

Raising the Bar – Behavioral Segmentation on Insights

At Crowst we believe that a relevant set of targeting attributes is the enabler for the real value driver: the identification and establishment of relevant consumer audiences and segments.
At Crowst, relevant targeting attributes enable the identification and establishment of relevant consumer audiences and segments.

Consumer insight and pet owners – Where relevant consumer audiences make the difference

At Crowst we believe that a relevant set of targeting attributes is the enabler for the real value driver: the identification and establishment of relevant consumer audiences and segments.

Take a look inside the mind of the consumer