How Crowst works

What is your research need?

Trends, behaviour and preferences change constantly, and to really understand and anticipate consumer needs, we need to know what drives consumer behaviour.  

The traditional method for conducting studies is often time consuming, costly and complicated. Crowst uses an advanced and easy-to-use digital platform to eliminate these challenges. The platform gives companies access to more than 62 million real consumers in more than 80 countries around the world. Whatever your company’s insight needs, Crowst can help you succeed. 

Behavioural Insights

Develop insights to understand your customers.

User and customer experience

Leverage data to enhance your customer experience.

Shopper Insights

See your brand through the eyes of your customers. 

Brand awareness, usage and image

Use our research tools to improve brand understanding. 

Concept and campaign testing

Test your ideas before committing to them.

Chain management and retail

Track results and monitor activities in all locations.

Crowst’s service model adapts to your needs and resources

Depending on your needs and resources, you can choose your level of involvement from creating your own study using the Crowst platform to partnering with Crowst for long-term strategic support and insight expertise. 

Our insight professionals have extensive experience ranging from the local Finnish market to global environments. As a strategic partner, Crowst can fulfill a broad range of insight needs and help you fully integrate your insights to your business goals.

Do it yourself
Create and manage your own studies with our easy-to-use platform.

Order a project
Crowst insight experts execute a project according to your needs.

Strategic insight partnership
Crowst’s insight professionals work with you to support your business. 

Planning your study and targeting real people

In any study, the quality of the results is determined by the quality of the planning. With Crowst, the first step is to define the target group and select a sample audience from our global respondent pool.

Next, we decide whether to target the respondents according to background, interests or behaviour. Once that decision is made, we plan the questions and decide when and how to ask them. Finally, the study is put through a rigorous quality check by our insight experts before launching.

Around the world

Reach your target audiences in over 80 countries.

Understanding Finland

Respondents representing all sides of Finnish population.


Highly specific targeting, real-life insights.

Tracking results in real time

We value simplicity – and agility. With Crowst’s platform you will be able to analyse results real time so you can act immediately if needed. Follow studies on the Crowst Dashboard. Track results across markets and compare results.

  • Stay on track
  • Answers within minutes
  • Easy to use and share insights
  • Intuitive design for understanding relevant results

Analysing results and putting insights into action

The Crowst Dashboard provides intuitive and actionable insights to support developing your business.

You can easily filter, compare results and even export data for further analysis. 

What’s more, our insight pros can offer consulting and coaching to develop clear recommendations. 

Taking your human insights to the next level

Track your results and performance and develop insight strategies for the long run! Test new markets, source international insights, follow trends and understand consumers’ changing behavior.

  • Expand studies to new markets
  • Compare results with international audiences
  • Repeat studies to track performance

From projects to continuous collaboration – let’s define the model that suits you the best.

Our respondents are our biggest asset

Respondents are people – not data points. They have unique thoughts, opinions, and ambitions. You need to listen to them.

Take a look inside the mind of the consumer