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Introducing our superpower – The Crowsters

Today, in the era of consumer awareness, gathering consumer insights is crucial for every company. Market is full of different solutions to gather insights, but because of data privacy, it is easy to forget that there is a real individual behind each response. At Crowst, we think that it’s important to emphasize the value of every respondent and opinion. It is still possible, even if the data is anonymous.

When analysing data, it is easy to concentrate on the numbers, percentages and graphs. It might feel difficult to imagine the people behind them, and the lives that they live. In Finland, we at Crowst have a dedicated ever growing userbase of more than 31 000 individuals, Crowsters. Crowsters are willing to share their interests, opinions, and lives with our customers to make a change. We want to make sure that the Crowsters’ opinions don’t end up only as numbers on excel files but that they can truly get heard.

Who are Crowsters?

Crowsters have one thing in common, they are individuals who share an interest in influencing, voicing opinions and changing the future. Other than that, they are a community of very different types of people. Our users come from diverse backgrounds, locations, ages, genders and have different interests, lifestyles, hobbies, and mindsets.

Crowsters respond to studies on their smart phones by using the Crowst app. Already in 2015, according to research of Turun Yliopisto, a mobile phone was more important to Finnish people than a relationship or a job. Crowsters are reachable on their mobile phones 24/7, wherever they are. This way Crowst can tap into consumers real life and real everyday situations. We interviewed six Crowsters and were convinced that for many using Crowst is not only a way to share opinions but also a part of their lifestyle and everyday life.

When looking for interviewees, nearly 600 Crowsters volunteered within a few days! In addition, more than 700 people expressed their will to send a photo of themselves to be used on our website. When you see a hundred smiling faces staring at you on the screen, the data becomes personal. These are the people whose opinions are combined in your reports and it really concretizes how valuable superpower our userbase is. It hits you even more when you realise that these faces are only a fraction of the userbase; today there are more than 31 000 of these individuals – and the amount is growing every day.

The power of difference

Even if smart phone is more important than a job or a relationship, according to research, there is something that it cannot beat – family, and interaction. According to our interviewees, using Crowst makes it possible to exchange opinions with different people and to question own way of thinking. Contributing to something great together unites, even if the opinions are not alike.

As you might have read in one of our previous blog articles, our versatile userbase also makes it possible to target studies to specific types of users. Need some insights from fashionistas or want to know what the vegan food lovers think about your new meat substitute product? We got you covered.
Now it’s time to meet six of our Crowsters and get to know their own Crowst stories. Click here for their blog articles (in Finnish) and find out why they use Crowst.

Written by

Jutta Närhi