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Join the free Gen Z webinar – Hear the voice of the youth, powered with insight

In January 2023 we jointly launched with Bängeri a Gen Z focused insight program. In the Spring we executed a nationally targeted study at 750 respondents, focusing on the 15–25-year-old Gen Z people in Finland. The folks that will be the mothers, fathers, partners, consumers, professionals and leaders of tomorrow. Gen Z is commonly acknowledged as an attractive audience that shapes tomorrow’s society and consumption patterns, not to mention the value base and cycle of daily life. We will arrange a webinar based on the insights sourced from the study, and there will also be real Gen Z representatives sharing their views in the webinar. Live, loud and clear!

Webinar contents

The webinar will be based on the insights sourced from the study, covering the weekly living cycle, buying behaviour and triggers for purchase, brands, and dominant trends that impact on the lives of Gen Z today. There will also be dedicated slots for Gen Z participants themselves; it is a brilliant opportunity to hear them out, in their own language. The Gen Z participants are also motivated to outline the most important things they would like companies to know and focus on in order to enhance their customer relations and brand loyalty.

Real Gen Z participants will also be heard in the webinar.

What’s in it for me?

Firstly, this is a free, excellent chance to learn about the thinking, attitudes and expectations of Gen Z. The information is valuable to any company or organization that has a consumer offering, being it products, services or both. The professionals from strategy, R&D, category management, brand management and marketing, and communications are just a few functions to mention that would strongly benefit of the webinar.

As the webinar is based on the findings and discoveries of the recent study conducted in Finland, it also offers an interesting overview at the study report contents and the nature of the data sourced. In the webinar we will share an overview based on the study findings. The full report will be offered at an affordable price, with a limited offer targeted at the webinar attendees.

Confirm your webinar seat now – It’s free!

The webinar registration is now open for professionals. Secure your webinar “seat” and register here. Feel free to pass this article and the link above also to your colleagues.

The webinar, to be held on Thursday 21 September at 10:00 – 11:30 o’clock, is free to attend, and it will be hosted jointly in Finnish by Crowst and Bängeri.

Do you have questions on the webinar, or on the Gen Z study report? Email us, let’s sort it out: You can read about the Gen Z insight program in our January blog post here.

Written by

Jyrki Kallinen