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Crowst and Bängeri launch a joint insights program – Gen Z Trend Pulse

Generation Z is a special, impulsive, driven and unique consumer segment. This audience -born in 1995-2010- adopts quickly new trends and also create them actively themselves, at impressive cycles. They are the career rockets, mothers, fathers, shapeshifters, and creators of tomorrow. Consequently, there is unquestionable, burning need to understand what makes Gen Z tick. To serve this need, Crowst and Bängeri have created an insights program pilot; Gen Z Trend Pulse. The program focuses solely on the Gen Z audience: have a read, the pilot is about to be kicked off and we are welcoming companies onboard!

The DNA of Gen Z Trend Pulse

The program will drill down in understanding how Gen Z folks dedicate and use their time, both on weekdays and on the weekends. Within the framework of weekly living cycles and time, buying is in special focus. What people buy, what are the triggers for impulse buying, what are the desired brands and why. These are some of the questions this insight program is dedicated to seeking answers to.

Furthermore, Gen Z Trend Pulse covers the following aspects:

  • Recommendation; whose word has weight on brand consideration and buying?
  • Channels; which channels have the strongest role to play when adopting new influences?
  • Trends; what trends are prevalent and strong among Gen Z right now.

“Everyone is very interested in understanding Gen Z better; what are the drivers and influencers for people who are about to spread their wings and become the society’s most important force tomorrow”

“We have felt the pulse of Gen Z for seven years, and it is now the time to create a solid structure for it, in the spirit of insights”, comments Jyrki Kallinen from Crowst. “We have talked about Gen Z regularly with our clients, and the message we hear is clear and consistent. Everyone is very interested in understanding Gen Z better; what are the drivers and influencers for people who are about to spread their wings and become the society’s most important force tomorrow”, Kallinen adds.

The pilot builds on the real power of Gen Z

The pilot consists of two studies, each having the “N” of 800 responses. The studies, targeted at people of 15-25 years of age, are largely identical but include a variable trend related module. The objective is to compare the results and possibly changing patterns in between the studies, which are periodically 4-5 months apart. The first study will be executed in March-April in the Spring, and the second study in August-September in the Autumn.

“The program includes two Gen Z Meet & Greet sessions for each company joining the pilot”, Eija Gerlander from Bängeri, Finland’s first Gen Z focused expert agency, points out. “In addition to discussing the insights and results, there will be real Gen Z heroes taking part in these sessions”, Gerlander continues. “This is a brilliant opportunity for pilot companies to have a direct dialogue between Gen Z and their professionals working in portfolio and category management, branding and marketing”, Gerlander underlines.

Join the pilot – The “seats” are limited

The pilot is planned to be a joint learning exercise. Based on the pilot we will finetune the structure and execution, and establish an ongoing, annual insights program with the Gen Z focus. This multi-client program will include different options and levels for subscription, e.g. based on the execution cycles and reporting needs.

Are you interested in the pilot? Contact us; let’s talk! The pilot, including the elements outlined above, is priced at 8500 € (+vat). There is a limited number of “pilot seats” available, and some of them are already taken.

Written by

Jyrki Kallinen