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We have learned to expect the unexpected. Things happen at intense cycles, and this applies to everything: the take-off of new ideas, the phase-out of trends that were hot yesterday, turns on the macro-level, international politics and conditions. Sadly, in the latter context we are living dark times when this post is published. We react on everything we see, hear and experience; explicitly, purposefully, tacitly, or subconsciously. We produce an agile pulse to understand what is going on, what is people’s sentiment on any defined topic, in the form of insights.

Insight pulse needs to be based on speed and rhythm

At Crowst, we are running a recurring insight programme called Viikon Juttu (#ViikonJuttu). In English, it could be translated as Weekly Pulse, referring to an insights-oriented method to stay tuned on what is happening each week. We have ran Viikon Juttu for over four years, executing over 220 weekly studies, resulting in over 268 000 responses over time. The execution specs are simple; the topic for Viikon Juttu is defined on Monday each week (based on a topical theme each time), it is launched on Monday afternoon, and it closes at Friday noon. The main results are published on our social media channels each Friday afternoon.

We have ran Viikon Juttu (“Weekly Pulse”) for over four years, executing over 220 weekly studies, resulting in over 268 000 responses.

Our Weekly Pulse is built with agility, simplicity and speed in mind. The study structure includes only five questions, focusing on the selected topical theme each week. The topics are often picked from the news stream, based on what is prevalent on the preceding Sunday or Monday morning. The topics have covered AI, fur farming, US presidential campaigns, sexual harassment, taxation, natural disasters, BLM and racism, procrastination, covid, freedom of speech, stress and alcohol usage. And over 200 topics more.

The ability to make timely conclusions on any given burning topic requires speed and sufficient mass of responses. Today, our recurring Viikon Juttu (Weekly Pulse) study yields 2100 – 2500 responses from Finnish consumers each week.

Without relevance there is no validity

Relevance does not only refer to the relevance of the topic selection, respondent base and study targeting. These are among the consideration criteria for the study creator. Relevance is equally meaningful to the respondent; the relevance, topicality, level of personal interest and desire to express an opinion. These are the things that make the respondent react, the respondent has a vested interest to voice his/her view and make an impact.

Today, Viikon Juttu produces 2100-2500 responses from the Finns around the country. The topic changes each week.

Topicality is meaningful, serving the purpose of the respondent. Emotional engagement is often, not always though, linked to what is happening now. The above-mentioned Viikon Juttu (Weekly Pulse) is a concrete in-house insights programme that we execute to stay tuned, learn and engage. Thematic relevance matching is one of the key elements of the programme. Moreover, speed wins, for both the respondent and the party who wants to learn. Thematic and timely relevance link to emotional relevance, and this combo sets the bar higher. There also resides the core value of valuable insights. Fortunately, old-fashioned “extraction of data from consumers” method with its out-dated approaches belongs to the past.

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Written by

Jyrki Kallinen

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