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Vaasan Ltd unlocks the power of audiences, in the form of direct insights pulse

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2020-11-27
Over the past 170 years the Vaasan bread and bakery products have been a strong, desired element on the Finnish food tables. Read how Vaasan Ltd follows changing consumer trends, adopting real-life audiences and insights with Crowst to optimize the product quality and evolving consumer experience.
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Changing food trends – Cooking, eating and buying at the time of COVID-19

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2020-10-28
Covid-19 alias the corona pandemic has impacted the lives of all of us. However, there are also positive implications, such as how we buy and eat food in Finland today. The trends are diversifying, opening new opportunities and paving the way for new innovations. Time will show which trends will stick.
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Crowst unleashes its insights pulse globally, covering 60M people in 80 countries

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2020-09-29
Crowst, an internationally award-winning insights company from Finland, expands its behavioral survey and concept & campaign testing services to the global arena. This article is about the insights pulse across the globe and the company’s approach to work with its clients.
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Introducing our superpower – The Crowsters

By Jutta Närhi  /  2020-07-29
Today, in the era of consumer awareness, gathering consumer insights is crucial for every company. Market is full of different...
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Crowst introduces new consumer audiences, from Innovators to Laggards

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2020-06-29
On innovation and trends, we are all adopters. It depends on the case whether we are ahead of the curve or in the other far end of it. Crowst has identified and introduced new consumer audiences that enable targeting studies at dedicated adopter groups in the domains of food, fashion and technology. Read more!
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Insider’s view: Where creativity, customer experience and insights meet

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2020-05-28
Jaakko Veijola, the Founding Partner and Creative at Wörks Agency, shares his views on what is happening in the field, what are the “musts” on customer experience design work, and what is the role of insights. Veijola also gives tips to tomorrow’s creative heroes and clients on the path that leads to success.
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Sevan boosts sales in Finland, driven to introduce the best of Middle Eastern foods to Finnish homes

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2020-03-27
Sevan, the Sweden based foods company dedicated to offer the best Middle Eastern foods to Finnish homes and tastes, is having a blast in Finland. Sales have grown over 30% in the Finnish market compared to the previous year, 2019. Read what Annika Kumpunen, the Country Manager of Finland, thinks about it.
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Insider’s view: Urbanization drives new trends and eating habits

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2020-01-30
In this article Tomi Kuittinen, Head of Insight & Foresight at HKScan Oyj, shares his view on drivers and trends that change our consumption and eating habits. Urbanization is in the core of it; shaping our societal structures and changing our lives. Understanding the change calls for an agile and modern insights pulse.
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On Slush spotlight: Crowst chosen as the best company of Nordic Angel Program

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2019-11-29
At Crowst, we feel thrilled and humbled. At Slush 2019, Crowst has been selected as the best company of Nordic Angel Program! Read more about the background and visit also our new website that introduces Crowsters; the people who share their opinions by responding to studies.
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Modern concept & campaign testing – Powered by mobility for quick decision-making

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2019-10-30
Designing new concepts or ideating marketing campaigns are creative processes. Marketing agencies are driven to help their clients to win, and clients seek for validation that supports the proposed approach for execution. Crowst offers the agility and speed for modern concept and campaign testing.
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Leader Foods savours insights to win in the Finnish snack and sports nutrients market

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2019-08-29
Nutrition, food, and healthy lifestyles are hot, interlinked trends. All these elements play crucial roles in our well-being, resulting in drastically increased health consciousness and expectations on food products. To understand people’s motivational drivers, Leader Foods consider consumer insights as a must.
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Modern mystery shopping – Insights as a pulse

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2019-07-02
Mystery shopping is an insights technique deployed to evaluate retail operations or quality of service provided by a business. The insights method has existed for 80 years, and requires a renewal to serve today’s business needs.
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Clas Ohlson develops customer understanding by visiting people’s homes

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2019-05-28
We consider our homes as unique places where we can be what we are, without having to portray any specific image of ourselves. Clas Ohlson considers our homes as an invaluable source of insights that leads to enhanced customer understanding. Read how the company visits people’s homes to learn and optimize operations.
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TBWA\Helsinki works with Crowst to optimize clients’ online mobile experience

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2019-04-29
In Finland, smartphones are the most common way to access the Internet for 75% of the population. However, why online customer experience development is still so heavily focused on desktops? For TBWA\Helsinki it isn’t. Read more how the company links direct consumer insights with mobile-first approach to optimize clients’ operations.
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Clear Channel validates outdoor ad campaigns with 13 000 Crowsters around Finland

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2019-03-28
While our world is becoming increasingly digitalized every day, location plays a more crucial role than ever. On outdoor advertising, location is at the heart of contextual value generation. Read how Clear Channel Finland works with Crowst and thousands of Crowsters around Finland to see to locations that matter, virtually in real-time.
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Crowst 2.0. – The art of audiences

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2019-02-27
Sourcing the right insights at the right time requires the right audiences. The relevance of the targeted study respondents correlates directly with the validity and meaningfulness of the data for the purpose at hand. Read how Crowst 2.0. enables the establishment, growing and nurturing audiences for relevant insights.
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Suunto chooses the insights driven fast track to boost retail sales performance

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2019-01-30
Feeling the customer pulse is tough sport. What are consumers’ product and feature preferences, how about the brand perception? There are plenty of variables that play a role in the hearts and minds of people when making a purchase decision. Read how Suunto feels the consumer pulse on sport watches.
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Crowst 2.0. is here – Designed for better and faster insights

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2018-12-27
Crowst 2.0 is here, bringing renewed and new capabilities including intelligent study design, targeting and activation of respondents, Crowst Dashboard views and reporting. Read more on what is new on consumer insights and let us know if you wish to talk more in person.
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ClasOhlson Lab Store – Designed in Finland, powered with direct consumer insights

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2018-11-27
Requirements for a store concept and in-store customer experience are changing, rapidly. ClasOhlson Finland adopted consumers via Crowst to ideate the new ClasOhlson Lab Store concept. Read more about the thoughts of Marko Röytiö, the Managing Director of ClasOhlson Finland.
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HKScan adopts the field force of 22 000 eyes in Finland, dedicated to developing retail excellence

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2018-10-30
A strong field force is an invaluable asset in optimizing the in-store retail excellence across cities, but very expensive to maintain. Read how HKScan, the leading food company with strong presence in the Nordics, has adopted 11 000 consumers around Finland to provide real-time insights directly from stores.
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