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Crowst 2.0. is here – Designed for better and faster insights

At Crowst, we have been working hard on the new version of our service. Now, when we are about to welcome the year 2019 in its full glory, we are ready to bring the new version into daylight! Crowst 2.0. brings plenty of new capabilities including intelligent study design, targeting and activation of respondents, Crowst Dashboard views and reporting. The renewal covers both the mobile application (for Android and iPhone) and the Crowst Dashboard where new studies are created, targeted, launched and tracked in real-time. This article outlines some of the new capabilities on sourcing consumer insights.

Target respondents based on select attributes

Typically in the past on Crowst, the respondent targeting on study creation has been done based on the respondents’ age, gender, and domicile. The new version enables also targeting respondents based on their status such as students or full-time workers. You can also target respondents based on their hobbies or behaviours. For example, target a study at people who are active joggers, cyclists or go regularly to gym. Or launch a study for people who are music lovers and go actively to concerts.

For more refined study and insights needs, it is possible to enrich the current targeting capabilities by running background studies, aiming at identifying the specific sub-segments for the actual study. With this approach, the backgrounder is run at first, including questions on the respondents’ habits, behaviour and other variables, focusing on the specific topic of interest. Based on the results, the carefully specified sub-segment is identified and the main study is scoped and launched.

In addition to respondents’ attribute and behavioural targeting, the definition of targeted sub-segments has been enabled in the design of the study creation. You are able to allocate “quotas” per specific sub-segments, based on your needs. For example, you can pre-define and allocate a sub-segment of 125 responses from 22-25 year old females, included in a study that covers a broader respondent targeting. The allocated sub-segments close automatically as the study progresses, when the set targets have been achieved.

Automated & Geo-triggered mobile notifications

The Crowst service has been designed mobile since the day one. The respondents are reached and engaged via their smartphones, and they use the Crowst mobile app to respond to studies.

The new Crowst service version enables automated, geo-triggered mobile notifications.

The new Crowst service version enables automated, geo-triggered mobile notifications. This means that the respondents receive automatic messages to their phones when they happen to move close to a location where there is a location-based Crowst study nearby. Think about a study where the respondents are required to answer from a preset location. For example, this could be a mystery shopping type of a study where the respondents evaluate campaign execution, product placement or service quality in certain stores. When a person who has downloaded the Crowst app (we call them Crowsters) is close to one of these locations, his/her phone makes a sound and informs the person about the study in the vicinity.

The automated, geo-triggered notifications facilitate the speedy completion of studies, and the respondents won’t forget or miss studies while on the move.

Establish your own audiences, in the spirit of insights

At Crowst, we have the capability to identify, establish and enrich audiences based on the use of specific codes. Let’s imagine you are running a brewery and you want to stay tuned on what makes special beer lovers’ minds tick. You want to learn about their context, preferred snacks, what flavours they prefer today, and what is their perception on emerging trends.

To enable the above, you agree with Crowst on the use of the code “BEER” and encourage people on your channels to download the Crowst app using the code. On the Crowst system we are able to identify all new app downloads that happen using the code “BEER”. We are able to target studies only at these individuals, and also launch background studies mapping out these peoples’ habits, expectations and behaviours. Consider this as an opportunity to establish a dialogue with your most important audience(s), who have an interest to contribute and help you succeed.

Consider this as an opportunity to establish a dialogue with your most important audience(s), who have an interest to contribute and help you succeed.

Mix the above audience with Crowst’s existing user base, especially those individuals who match with the core specs of your target segment definitions. You are able to start learning right away and enrich the depth of the attribute & behavioural data of your most important audiences as you go forward.

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