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Crowst unleashes its insights pulse globally, covering 60M people in 80 countries

Crowst, a Helsinki-based insights company from Finland, started its operations in January 2016. What was kicked off during the coldest weeks of the Nordic snow-enriched winter, transformed into something special in the years that followed. In 2019, Crowst won the #1 prize at the Slush Nordic Business Angel event, selected as the best out of 130 companies that participated. Today, the company’s digital service platform is the preferred choice of many stock-listed companies. Why? It connects those in need of insights with those who set the pulse in the market: consumers. Crowst now offers access to 80 countries, reaching over 60 million consumers and business professionals worldwide.

The Nordics and the world

Within the past four years the Crowst service platform has been built, market-tested and refined with simplicity, agility and speed at its core. Using modern technologies, mobility, and intuitive automation the goal has been to eliminate as many hindrances and shortfalls of traditional research process as possible: complexity, cost, time and labour.

“Given the pace at which our societies, markets and the world at large is evolving, traditional methods of gathering consumer insights are helplessly outdated. You need to know what is the consumer pulse now, and be equipped to act immediately if needed”, opens Richard Jerome, the CEO and Founder of Crowst. “Building on our strong service platform, we have extended our reach to run behavioural and attitudinal surveys and concept & campaign tests across the globe”, Jerome affirms.

“We have a Nordic lens that sees through the world, mapping out people’s opinions, attitudes and behaviours”, comments Jyrki Kallinen, the CMO and Co-Founder of Crowst. “When building our capability to reach global audiences, it has been clear all the way that agility, speed and simplicity will continue to exist in the core of our service. Through our approach of deploying modern technologies and integrating them into the Crowst Dashboard, the cost advantage is also a self-evident outcome”, Kallinen continues.

Behaviours to learn from, concepts and campaigns to validate

On sourcing insights, “from whom” is equally important as “what”. It is crucial to reach the right respondents or audience(s) in order to source relevant data with weight and importance. Otherwise it is, simply put, a miss. The new, globally empowered Crowst service platform enables targeting respondents in all continents, covering all the key countries and markets. In addition to consumer audiences or target groups, the company offers targeting capabilities at business / professional audiences, as well.

From Cape Town to Rovaniemi, and from New York City to Tokyo. global view at local insights – Crowst.

Identify your respondent sweet spot based on their demographics, preferences, and habits. Engage them to react to visuals of your products or services, either photos or videos and draw direct inspiration from what stimulates their behaviour. Beyond providing the agility to execute studies at remarkable speed, Crowst also supports its customers in crystallizing insights objectives, translating those objectives into the study design, activating consumers to react and delivering key findings from those studies. Simply put, the company’s approach is to support, challenge, and also actively suggest ways to achieve the insights desired. This mode of operation is now introduced in the global arena.

Mastering the location in Finland, empowered by Crowsters

Insights service providers and companies face challenges in how to reach people quickly and to enable immediate action. Furthermore, location plays a critical role in the decision-making process for most consumers. For example, do people decide in advance at home before leaving to the shop to buy tacos for dinner? Do they change the purchase decision in the shop because of a special promotional campaign? Consumers are constantly influenced by their surroundings at home, when commuting, and also based on what they experience at shopping malls and shops.

In Finland, Crowst connects directly with consumers via the dedicated mobile app. Using the power of geo-location and instant automated notifications, Crowst can reach consumers based on their location and generate insights that are in-the-moment experiences. Clients are equipped to see the execution in stores, based on the pictures captured on the spot by consumers, through their own eyes. This has changed the game in the field of in-store mystery shopping studies compared to how they were executed before with expensive, slow, and clumsy methods. Crowst plans to expand on-location insights services also in other markets beyond Finland to further strengthen its offering.

We believe in the power of doing things together with our clients, collaborators, and our consumer respondents. Do you have thoughts? Contact us!


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