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The City of Helsinki sources insights through the eyes of its citizens

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2018-08-30
Developing a city requires a rich, ongoing dialogue between the city administrators and the citizens. New districts, services, and cultural initiatives are designed for the citizens, the most valuable asset that make the city’s heart beat. Read how Helsinki collaborates with Crowst to make it happen.
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Beer-tastic insights – Saimaa Brewing Company adopts direct consumer engagement

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2018-06-27
Craft beers have gained market share from large brands. In stores, product packaging and can design plays a vital role in establishing a resonating brand positioning and getting noticed. Read how Saimaa Brewing Company enabled insights and direct consumer engagement in their packaging design process.
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DNA lets consumers to evaluate in-store branding and campaign execution

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2018-05-09
What if you had thousands of people around the country, providing you with a flow of insights on how your retail execution and campaigns look like in stores? DNA Plc, one of the leading Finnish telecom service providers, has adopted the power of the Crowd.
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Continuous Tracking vs. Traditional Research

By Richard Jerome  /  2018-02-23
Improvement in consumer experience requires continous tracking of the consumer journey. Traditional methods of research are too slow or too expensive and companies need a more agile method of following the market to keep their promise to their consumers.
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Loyalty scheme – do we want it in good ol’ plastic or in mobile?

By Jemmi Laaninen  /  2018-01-24
We are keen for loyalty schemes. Those are a perfect way to strengthen your relationship with your customers but can you tell whether you should go mobile with it, or is good old physical card still the way to go?
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The Curse of Research – Sales Perspective

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2018-01-12
In Sales departments traditional research is considered boring for a reason. Companies with consumer offering need more agile and intuitive ways to collect data, interpret the findings, and act based on those. Actionable insights over research reports!
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How does Finland score as a tourist attraction?

By Jemmi Laaninen  /  2017-12-22
How do Finns find Finland as a tourist attraction? What to do when one comes to Finland and what are the areas we need to still improve? At least we need to do better marketing, said our Crowsters.
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From Babylonian bazaars to high-street shops – it’s all about location and in-store insights

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2017-12-18
Through ages, there has been a buzz where people meet. And where people have met, items have been sold and bought. Today consumer testing is carried out in stores and shopping malls, tracked with in-store insights and measured by financial targets.
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Is social media grabbing us by our souls?

By Jemmi Laaninen  /  2017-12-14
Social media activity is everywhere. Most of us use our smartphones several hours per day. Are we sacrificing our face-to-face interaction and human touch to caressing cold screens?
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5 funky facts about diet habits

By Jemmi Laaninen  /  2017-12-07
Diet is a very personal thing, but it often leads to good discussions. Consumers are more and more aware of different dietaries and the impact food makes on their wellbeing and environment. On our survey regarding diet habits, we have made interesting discoveries.
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Feedback and customer satisfaction – how to get the data

By Jemmi Laaninen  /  2017-12-04
How to get your customers to give feedback about things in general and not just when things are going sideways? How to get the data easily and what to do with it?
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Reckitt Benckiser – In-Store Audits Are Company’s Extra Pair of Eyes

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2017-11-29
How companies can learn about their product placement, campaign visibility and retail execution in stores? Crowst enables to see through the eyes of consumers with customer driven in-store audits.
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Why Should You Care About Your Customer Journey

By Jemmi Laaninen  /  2017-11-28
Customer journey has ranked up in company agendas. Why should you care about your customer journey and what can you do about it?
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Wörks Agency Validates Ads With Consumers

By Jyrki Kallinen  /  2017-11-28
Design, ads and marketing. How do the creative minds know what works through the eyes of the consumer? Read how the Helsinki-based Wörks agency has adopted the consumer view in their daily work.
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