For internal visibility and control

Smarter access to relevant human insight
Connect with real people

Reach target groups and create special audiences around the world. Connect with Finnish mobile “Crowsters” in a real-world context based on location data.

Fast and easy

Use the Crowst platform to track results in real time and to collect, track and manage all your insights in one place.

Actionable insights

Take advantage of our insight experts to improve research efficiency and quality and obtain more relevant and actionable insights.

Effective chain management, across the globe

Deploy Crowst for internal visibility and control, covering your points of sale and other important locations across continents, countries and cities.

Your own staff or other dedicated professionals in your network send feedback to you from desired locations answering questions, commenting and reporting, with automated metadata and also with pictures, if desired. Seeing is believing.

Retail and insights

Track execution of store concept renewal, in-store campaigns, and seasonal activities. View the status on cleanliness, maintenance and repair needs. Receive team internal ideas and suggestions. Your staff reports directly from your locations of interest.

Chain management

Crowst Dashboard shows the internal view in real-time, covering all of your locations across geographies. Filter data based on locations and engage your staff when and where needed. Automated analytics and pictures enable you to track, compare and improve.

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