Satu 33, Kuopio

Uses the gift cards for

Grocery shopping

Seeing companies utilizing the survey results is rewarding

Satu works at the Finnish postal services and spends her free time outdoors with her pets and boyfriend. This kind of influencing is familiar to Satu. “I have been using similar service before Crowst but there wasn’t as many tasks. I saw an ad in social media and became hooked to Crowst.” Now, after a year, Satu is a top level “Dragon” which means that she receives 50 percent higher rewards when answering the surveys.

In the postal services working hours fluctuate which means there can be longer periods of free time. Satu enjoys that she can answer the surveys anywhere and as soon as the task pops up in the app. “I enjoy short surveys where I can review ads or new products. These are interesting as I get to see products that are not on the market yet. I feel that I can really affect upcoming products.”

In her days off Satu does tasks around the neighbourhood. “Once during my task, I was reviewing a terrace in a new restaurant, and I saw another Crowster photographing that same terrace.” That’s not surprising, there is already tens of thousands of users in Finland.

“I look at the results of different surveys Crowst publishes in social media. It’s interesting to see what observations and actions companies have done.”

In addition to influencing, rewards are motivating. “It’s great that my opinions are valued and rewarded. I’m interested in cooking and baking, so my gift cards go into good use in grocery stores.”

Satu recommends Crowst for all. “Definitely worth to try. Using Crowst is addicting and easy to start with short and fun product and ad reviews.”

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