Crowst Oy is a Finnish company, and the Crowst mobile application has been developed in
Finland. The company is headquartered in Helsinki.

The core idea of Crowst is to enable people to get their voice heard. Using the Crowst mobile
app you can respond to a variety of studies and surveys, at times that suit you the best, on
topics that you feel close and important. The mission of Crowst is to enable people to
influence with the help of mobile technology and enable companies to learn to improve and
develop their operations and offerings.

Crowst is a digital service that bridges people and companies together, in the form of

You can voice your opinion by responding to studies, surveys, and other missions. By doing
so, you earn rewards! The Crowst missions may be location-based, meaning you need to be
in a certain location such as a shop to be able to respond. Some missions are non-location
based; for these you can respond from anywhere.

You only need to have an Android or iPhone smartphone, and you need to be 15 years old or
older. You can download the Crowst app on Play Store: https://bit.ly/crowstandroid or App
Store: https://bit.ly/crowstiphone free of charge and participate in missions whenever you

Crowst missions are simple surveys that ask you to describe your opinions or experiences on
products, services, campaigns, trends, and other things. Companies and other organizations
such as cities are interested in your views. This means you opinions are valuable, and
companies need to hear them to develop their operations and offering.

A typical Crowst mission includes different types of questions, such as multiple choice, 5-star
rating of free text questions, for which you answer by your own words. In addition to
answering to different types of questions, you may be asked to take a picture or two as part of
the mission.

Each mission includes background information and instructions on what the mission is about
and how to answer. Please read these guidelines on each mission before answering.

When a new mission opens, Crowst sends a mobile notification to the target group of the
mission in question. On some location-based missions, Crowst also sends an automatic
message to your phone when there is an open mission nearby, close to your location. This
way you don’t miss or forget mission on the move. Make sure you give us a permission to
send push notifications to you when you register to the app!

You can also check the latest mobile notifications on the app: left hand side menu (opened on
the top left corner) > Notification feed. If there are new, unread notifications there is a
coloured symbol shown.

We also send monthly newsletters that include information on new missions. To receive
these, tick the box to allow us to send you emails about new missions upon registration. If
you forgot, you can also enable this on the app: left hand side menu > Settings > scroll down
and check that the box is ticked for “Subscribe to emails informing on new missions”. Save
the changes.

Like and follow Crowst also on Facebook and Instagram, we post regularly on new missions:



Each study or mission is worth a certain number of Crowst points. As you do more missions,
you accumulate the points. These points determine your level among Crowsters. There are 7
levels. The three highest levels; Eagle (x15%), Phoenix (x25%) and Dragon (x50%) offer you
better rewards in the form of multipliers.

For example, on the Dragon level you earn 7,5€ from a mission that has the standard reward
of 5€, thanks to the x50% multiplier. The multiplier is applied both to the monetary value and
points. On the app’s (left hand top menu) Ranking section you see the Crowst levels and

If you are inactive for 3 months, meaning you don’t answer to any Crowst mission during a
If you are inactive for 3 months, meaning you don’t answer to any Crowst mission during a
3-month period, your level status is switched to the Sleeping Mode. This means that you
temporarily lose the multiplier benefit if you are on some of the three highest levels; Eagle,
Phoenix or Dragon. You restore your multiplier benefits by responding to two Crowst
missions within 3 months. Answer regularly to missions so the Sleeping Mode will never

When you install the Crowst app and register, your journey as a Crowster starts. In the
beginning your level is Egg, and after earning your first 1500 points by answering to Crowst
missions you achieve the higher Duckling level. With points, you advance to the higher
levels: Sparrow, Peacock, Eagle, Phoenix and Dragon.

On the three highest levels you enjoy multiplier benefits to the monetary value and points you
earn (please see the previous question). You can see your level on the My Status section (top
right corner) in the app. Scroll down on the view, and you will also see how many points you
are missing to achieve the next level.

When you have accumulated enough euro value on your account, you can redeem the euros
as gift cards for the sums of 10€ or 20€ directly from the app.

You can choose either an e-voucher or a physical gift card. E-vouchers are delivered by
GoGift as SuperLahjakortti, that you can exchange to any gift card of your choice from the
wYou can choose either an e-voucher or a physical gift card. E-vouchers are delivered by
GoGift as SuperLahjakortti, that you can exchange to any gift card of your choice from the
wide selection at https://gogift.io/fi/fi/eur. You also have a choice to redeem a physical gift
card to S-ryhmä or K-ryhmä. The e-vouchers will be delivered to you by email, and the
physical gift cards by traditional mail. The physical gift cards will charge a 2€ service fee.

From time to time, Crowst may bring new reward options to the app.

Crowst carries out a quality check for all responses. We do this using technological means
and manually in person. At Crowst, we want to ensure high quality, validity, and reliability of
the study results for our company clients.

Among other things, in these quality checks Crowst ensures that the response has meaningful
free-text responses, the (possible) pictures are taken following instructions and they are clear
and in-focus. If the response is inadequate, incomplete, faulty, or invalid, it is rejected.

You can see your responses that are pending approval on the My Status view in the app.

You can use the Crowst app either in Finnish or English. Please note that most of the studies
in Finland are in Finnish.

If you have other questions or encounter challenges in using the app, please send us an email: