Kristoffer, 40, Helsinki

Uses the gift cards for

Currenlty, is collecting points and euros to give to charities or buy experiences

Surveys about current and social topics are favourites

Kristoffer is part of many things – TV, radio, hosting, web design and marketing. During free time you can find Kristoffer baking cakes or working for a human rights. “Human rights and environmental topics are important to me. I’m part of Helsinki Pride organisation because equality and accepting people as they are, is important to me.”

Kristoffer heard about Crowst from his sister, who recommended downloading the app. “I like surveys in which you can answer from anywhere and locally doable tasks. Local tasks are fun when you go to stores and feel like a secret agent.”

“On the other hand, when I’m travelling for work and I see that there a task in the same city I’m in, I can go do the task and see the new place at the same time.” Using Crowst has become a fun hobby for Kristoffer.

“Sometimes is also nice to just take a break from work and answer surveys to get my mind off of my intensive work.”

According to Kristoffer, the best thing about Crowst is the ability to influence.  “This is a good way to influence and earn euros by going to the places you go anyway. This is also a way to keep up with what is going on in the world.”

Kristoffer hasn’t yet reclaimed his gift cards but when it’s relevant he’s thinking about using them for an experience or donating the money to a charity by using Crowst’s charity gift card.

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