Jaakko, 35, Helsinki

Uses the gift cards for

Clothes from Zalando and sports equipment from XXL

Jaakko’s family plans their shopping trips based on Crowst tasks

Jaakko’s motto is a Finnish saying “rolling stone gathers no moss”. Jaakko works at real estate and free time he spends in his summer cottage and exercising. In addition to sports, he’s interested in politics and new technologies.

Jaakko started to use Crowst when he saw an ad. “I downloaded the app and checked it time to time. Crowst had a campaign last December, when there was a task for each day of the month. I answered all of them and since then I have opened the app every day.”

Jaakko has risen to the top level, also known as “Dragon”, in Crowsts points.

“I like opinion surveys the most as I enjoy current topics and I get to challenge my own opinions. I thoroughly think what and how I want to present my opinions to give quality answers.”

Jaakko also enjoys mystery shopping and other place bound tasks. “I often check tasks from the apps map and plan our shopping trips around those tasks.”

Crowst has become a hobby for Jaakko and his family and he has recommended the app for friends as well. “It’s nice to earn gift cards but honestly, Crowst has become a hobby and part of daily life. I’m at the top level with points so I’m not just doing this for the better rewards.”

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