Fanny 21, Espoo

Uses the gift cards for

Finnish retail chain stores to buy something nice for herself

A concrete way to influence as a part of active lifestyle

Fanny is an energetic business school student and a part-time coffee shop employee. Active lifestyle requires routines. “I’m pretty ambitious, so my day-to-day life has to have routines. Usually I go to the gym in the morning and after that I study at home or at the university. In the evening I work or spend time with my friends.”

Fanny has used Crowst for the past 1,5 years. “I saw an ad on Instagram and thought it would be fun to answer different surveys. At first, I was skeptical about the rewarding system but as I got the first gift card, I realised that this works and since then Crowst has been part of my daily routine.” Fanny pleasantly answers to any surveys as soon as she gets a notification of a survey to her phone. “Using Crowst for example on a bus is a good way to pass time. When I move around I check the app for possible tasks. Once I left home to and jogged to a nearby gas station to do a task!”.

The most pleasant tasks are different review tasks. “I like giving reviews! It’s best when you get to give feedback on things you have a strong opinion about. It’s interesting to notice how you learn to look at different things for example in customer service situations.”

“It’s always nice to see when my Crowst points go up. It’s a small way to cheer up my day. I already have collected multiple gift cards, and this is also a way to influence things. I recommend downloading the app!”

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