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Consumer insight and pet owners – Where relevant consumer audiences make the difference

Typically, on consumer research, studies are executed targeting consumers at consumer panels. These panels include registered consumers, along with some background information such as age, gender, and city they live in. Further attributes may include the income level, living situation and educational background. These provide rather limited targeting specs for study targeting, based on the objectives of each insight project. At Crowst we believe that a meaningful set of targeting attributes is the pre-requisite and enabler for the real value driver: the identification and establishment of relevant consumer audiences and segments.

Quality and insight relevance call for relevant audiences

According to Finland’s Kennelliitto, the association dedicated to driving the wellbeing of dogs, there were over 800 000 dogs in Finland in 2023. In the country that has the population of around 5,5M, Finland seems to be a country where dogs are loved. The recent covid-years have forced people to spend more time at home, boosting the purchase of puppies. The increasing popularity of pets has brought also new companies to the market; companies that sell pet foods, supplies and accessories. The competition in the market has intensified.

How would you reach the audience of dog or cat owners, using common consumer panels? At first, there would need to be the capability to identify the dog or cat owners in advance, recognizing that this is only the tip of the “pet-berg”. It would be the initial attribute required to enable the basic, relevant foundation for respondent targeting. Considering the pet owners’ context, situation and drivers, there would ideally be a broader set of targeting attributes. Consider the following, pre-identified targeting capabilitities:

  • What pet breeds the respondents own, starting with are the pets mixed breed or purebred? How many pets they own, one or more?
  • Dog owners; size of the dog (measured to the withers), indicating what are the nutritional needs of the dog?
  • Cat owners; people who use cat litter, and those who don’t
  • Chains where people currently buy pet foods and supplies
  • Behavioural drivers for pet food purchases (e.g. price and affordability, nutritional aspects, specific brands / brand loyalty, packaging features, a habit)?
  • Pet food purchasing frequency; regular small purchases vs. large quantity bulk buyers
  • Currently preferred pet food brands (incl. over 30 product brands)

All of the above are available at Crowst as part of the normal targeting capability. These attributes enable the core value bringer for respondent targeting; the capability to define a desired set of attributes that lead to the identification and establishment of relevant audiences, segments and buyer personas. With these audiences we have the strongest, direct access to the substance that matters; people’s behaviour, opinions, and triggers to buy.

Relevant audiences lead to better insight

In concrete terms, what do relevant audiences and targeting capability mean? In our view at Crowst, it represents a strategic asset that leads to a competitive advantage in the market. Furthermore, it is the mark of quality.

Influencing trends, brand loyalty and drivers for purchase of pet food are important aspects for behavioural consumer audience identification.
The dog and the owner. Meaningful respondent targeting attributes enable the creation of audiences; the true power of targeting and insight sourcing. (Crowst)

For the Client it means strategic alignment, purpose-driven relevance, credibility and quality. The information is sourced from the audiences that matter to them, and they cannot find these audiences from common consumer panels. For the consumer audiences and respondents who respond to the studies; it means relevance and opportunity to voice their opinion to those whose products they buy (or could buy). When responding to a study, they are equipped to focus on answering to the most important substance questions, instead of wasting their time in answering to a number of screening background questions. A shorter and more substance-focused study equips the respondents to concentrate, resulting in better quality answers and results.

Crowst works with Clients in Finland and abroad, sourcing relevant insight. Are hairy furballs or other creatures who tolerate humans close to them important to your daily operations and business? Contact us, let’s talk about insights that are your competitive edge in the market. You can read more about our audiences here and here on our blog.


Jyrki Kallinen