Who are the respondents, Crowsters?


The opinions of real consumers are vital for every company or organisation. Crowsters are regular consumers from different backgrounds, ages and locations around the country, who share a mutual interest in making a difference.

The desired audience is reachable via their smart phones whenever – from urban to rural citizens, from Hanko to Ivalo and from teenagers to pensioners.

We reward the respondents for responding to surveys

As Crowsters, every one of them has a chance to get his/her voice heard by responding to surveys. Our strongest respondent groups are the young, modern consumers, who are the most powerful drivers for future development. We recognise the value of consumers' opinions. That’s why, the respondents collect euros by answering studies and can redeem them as a gift card to selected stores as reward.

Read Crowsters’ stories!

Fanny 21, Espoo

"Crowst is a great app to collect some extra money while living everyday life."

Jaakko 35, Helsinki

"By using Crowst, I influence with my own opinion. That feels pleasant and important to me."

Satu 33, Kuopio

"Using Crowst is afun and easy way to participate in service development and market research."

Janne 30, Keuruu

"I have participated in many similar services but Crowst changed my perception of opinion surveys completely!"

Sirpa 60, Turku

"It is great how a small human being gets their voice heard via Crowst. The app is easy to use even for my generation."

Kristoffer 40, Helsinki

"I don’t play anything on my phone or spend time to things like that but Crowst is a great app for an adult."

Want to become a Crowster?

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