Our Respondents - Who are they?

With Crowst, you reach 62M people in over 80 countries worldwide. This covers both consumers and business professionals. Using our rich respondent targeting attributes, you are equipped to learn from those audiences and segments that are most important to you.
Trends, awareness, opinions, behaviors, preferences and buying. The Nordics, Baltics, Europe, and from the USA to Asia. Crowst provides an agile access to people who drive and follow, living their lives.

Crowsters in Finland - The best mobile respondents

As Crowsters, every one of them has a chance to get his/her voice heard by responding to surveys. Our strongest respondent groups are the young, modern consumers, who are the most powerful drivers for future development. We recognise the value of consumers' opinions. That’s why, the respondents collect euros by answering studies and can redeem them as a gift card to selected stores as reward.
In Finland, we are proud of the most engaged respondent base in the country; Crowsters. They participate in studies via the Crowst mobile app, using their smartphones. Accustomed to give speedy responses, including qualitative feedback, their responsiveness and response quality is unbeaten.
Deploying modern mobile technologies, we engage Crowsters to give location-based feedback from selected stores, shopping malls or restaurants. From any place desired. In addition to receiving quick response data to the study questions, Crowsters also capture pictures in the desired locations, showing you the situation and execution on the spot.
We will expand our Crowster base to other countries beyond Finland.

Crowsters’ stories, told by Crowsters

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