Crowst Ltd. Terms of Voucher redemption

Updated on 22 December 2021

In order to redeem the monetary value earned, you agree to the following terms of redemption. Please read these terms carefully before choosing, redeeming and using our collaborators’ gift cards visible on the mobile app.

Collaborator terms

The gift cards and their usage is governed by the rules defined by our Collaborators and Crowst cannot take any ownership or responsibility in defining or changing these rules. Please familiarize yourself with these rules carefully before choosing and using the gift card.


The gift card validity period is often 1 year from the date of issue. However, please note that Crowst’s Collaborators define the validity period and they may choose to re-define this if and when they decide to do so. Crowst will not be able to grant any changes or exceptions to these changes.

Please read the terms carefully before choosing the respective gift card as there may be limitations on where, how and when these gift cards can be used.


The gift cards can ONLY be redeemed for the values indicated in the Crowst App (10€ or 20€). The Crowster (the user of the Crowst mobile app and redeemer of the value) cannot withdraw any value that are not 10€ or 20€ exactly. If the Crowster has more than 20€ in the Crowst mobile account, he/she can only withdraw the total amount as separate gift cards of 10€ or 20€.


E-vouchers will be delivered to the email address given by the Crowster within 5 to 10 business days. Physical gift cards will be mailed to the physical address given by the Crowster within 5 to 10 business days. The delivery schedules of the post office may influence on when the recipient receives the physical gift card.

Please note that physical gift cards incur an additional delivery charge of 2€ per a card. This implies that in order to redeem 10€, the Crowster should have at least 12€ of value in his/her account. And similarly to redeem 20€, the Crowster needs to have at least 22€ of value in his/her account.

Available gift card choices

Crowst reserves the right to update the list of available gift cards (both e-vouchers and physical cards) on the mobile app. This includes both adding new Collaborators or withdrawing existing ones. However, gift cards already issued from Collaborators that are removed will be valid within the terms of validity defined by the Collaborator in question.