Mystery shopping & In-store experience

Experience and see your in-store execution, through the eyes of your customers. With pictures. In those regions, cities and stores in Finland that matter you the most.

Modern mystery shopping and real-time in-store insights re-defined, powered by people who buy. Adopt customers as your most important field force, across the country.

Modern mystery shopping and in-store experience - Crowst

On Location

We are there: in the cities and stores of your interest. We use respondents’ mobile location and geofencing data to run location-based studies, at an affordable cost. Automated and optimized, designed for mobile customers.

Consumers and shoppers - Crowst

Shoppers - Real people

Proven, tested and winning. Crowst is the most agile mystery shopping and in-store experience solution in Finland. Crowsters are inspired to tell you what you are doing right, also pointing out what you are missing. With pictures captured on the spot.

See how you are doing, across Finland.

The study is set up on the Crowst Dashboard; locations are automatically identified in our system.

The respondents are engaged using direct, even individual mobile messages. Automated, geo-triggered mobile notifications drive quick study completion.

View the study progress on the Crowst Dashboard in real-time as automated graphs, compared results between stores, cities and regions, with pictures and automated metadata.

On location, with our clients

  • “Crowsters, consumers who live throughout Finland and use the Crowst mobile app to respond to studies, delivered us the first 100 responses from Helsinki to Oulu within 24 hours.”
    Tomi Kuittinen, Head of Insight & Foresight, HKScan

  • “On measuring in-store excellence, location is the first factor we are thinking of. Crowst has location built in its core, enabling us to make the right calls at the right time when needed”
    Riikka Pellosniemi, Head of Retail Marketing, DNA

  • “By working with Crowst, we received vital information on the ice cream branding, products display and placements at POS. The information was collected and received faster than before, thanks to the agile and innovative service model of Crowst. We look forward to working with Crowst further to optimize our business performance in the market.”
    Tommi-Juhani Jokinen, Customer Marketing Manager, Unilever Finland

  • “With Crowst, we are able to get the pictures we need in hours. From Helsinki to Turku, Tampere and Oulu. We just view the pictures coming in the online Crowst Dashboard, including the location and time metadata.”
    Kari Puska, Account Manager, Clear Channel

  • “We wanted to know how consumers experienced our campaign and how receptive they were to our messaging and campaign incentive. Crowst provided us with the consumer angle and campaign execution overview in key locations, efficiently as it happened.”
    Tuomas Piirtola, Country Manager, Reckitt Benckiser

  • “With Crowst, we want to ensure we are feeling the pulse of those who we are thinking of when developing our retail excellence. People who are interested in sports, personal development and wellbeing.”
    Tero Tynkkynen, Commercial Director, Amer Sports

  • “By working with Crowst we have learned the strength of mobile in sourcing direct insights from citizens. People are able to respond using their smartphones, which means the responses and automated insights are available on the Crowst Dashboard, always up-to-date.”
    Heli Rantanen, Head of Citizen Interaction, City of Helsinki

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