Effective chain management, across the globe

Deploy Crowst for internal visibility and control, covering your points of sale and other locations across continents, countries and cities.

Your own staff sends feedback to you from desired locations; answering questions, commenting and reporting, with automated metadata and pictures if desired.
Track your execution and situational status across geographies, all visible on the digital Crowst Dashboard. Your view for hassle-free chain management.

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For better retail excellence and store & POS development - Crowst

Retail & Insights

Store concept renewal, in-store campaigns, and seasonal activities. Cleanliness, maintenance and repair needs. View the status on all of it; your staff reports directly from the locations that make the difference. With pictures and qualitative feedback; seeing is believing.

For modern chain management, with visibility - Crowst

Chain Management

On the Crowst Dashboard you see the internal view in real-time, covering all stores, POS and other locations of interest across geographies. Filter data based on locations, and engage your staff where needed. With automated graphs and pictures; track, compare and improve.

For better chain management and retail performance tracking I
For better chain management and retail performance tracking II
For better chain management and retail performance tracking III

Internal visibility, equipped to act.

Unleash the full potential of your staff; let them report from anywhere at any time.

Adopt the power of visibility and location control.

Your staff reports from your stores and POS; view it all on the Crowst Dashboard

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