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Easy and fun way to influence on things that are important to you. Your opinions are important to companies and organisations. By responding to surveys at the Crowst app you can share your opinions, review advertising campaigns and products. You can respond to opinion surveys wherever you are - at home, while commuting or when you're out in town.

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As a Crowster you get to use the app to give feedback to companies about product placement, pricing, campaigns and service quality also in stores, mystery shopping style. Check the nearby missions from the map on the app. In some missions you also get to take photos. Earn while doing the grocery shopping for the week or spending time in the malls!

Examples of companies Crowsters have influenced

Clas Ohlson & Crowst: suora asiakaspalaute myymäläsuunnittelun tukena
Clear Channel & Crowst: OOH mainoskampanjoiden validointi joukkoistamalla
DNA & Crowst: Konseptit, kampanjatestaus sekä mystery shopping & In-store kokemus
Helsingin kaupunki & Crowst: ihmisten osallisuus, kampanjatestaus ja alueellinen kehittäminen
HKScan & Crowst: Mystery shopping kaupoissa, mielipidekyselyt, konsepti- ja kampanjatestaus
JCDecaux & Crowst: Ostokäyttäytyminen ja OOH mainonnan teho kuluttajien näkökulmasta
Reckitt Benckiser & Crowst: Mystery shopping, kampanjoiden näkyvyys kaupoissa, myymälätoteutus
Saimaa Brewing Co & Crowst: Tuotepakkausten suunnittelu, luonnokset, konseptitestaus, suora asiakaspalaute
Suunto & Crowst: Mielipidekyselyt, ostopolku, myyntipisteet (POS), mystery shopping, myymälätoteutus
TBWA & Crowst: Konsepti- ja kampanjatestaus, mainokset, kuvat, mainosfilmit, kuluttajapulssi
Unilever & Crowst: Mystery shopping, myymälätoteutus, kampanjat ja kampanjatoteutus, myymälätoteutus, validointi, perfect store
Leader & Crowst: Tuotesuunnittelu, konsepti- ja kampanjatestaus, tuotepakkaus, suora kuluttajapalaute
Wörks & Crowst: Konsepti- ja kampanjatestaus, mainokset, kuvat ja videot, creative
F-Secure & Crowst: kvalitatiivinen tutkimus, haastattelut, käyttötestaus, focus groups

Download Crowst app and get started

Crowst app respond to surveys on phone

Search missions on the app: Download the free Crowst app on App Store or Google Play Store, register and look for surveys and missions you want to accomplish - you choose, which missions to respond.

Respond to surveys and get rewarded: Your answer is going to be quality checked and after that you get rewarded with points / euros to your Crowst account.

Exchange rewards to gift cards: Choose a gift card that you want and redeem on the Crowst app. We have a selection of 35+ choices to choose from - from grocery chains to clohting stores and from travel agencies to home furnishing. You can also donate your earnings to charity!

  • “Using Crowst is a fun and easy way to participate in service development and market research. At the same time, you will get familiar with new stores and services you would perhaps never find otherwise.”
    Satu, 33, Dragon, Kuopio

  • “The user experience of the Crowst app is very clear and much better compared to the other services I have used. It is good that you can sort the missions by your own interest. It is also nice to follow the ranking!”
    Janne, 30, Phoenix, Keuruu

  • “I think that I always have something to say and an ability to give feedback. Earning gift cards is of course nice but Crowst has already become a hobby and a part of my life. I am already on the top level of the app so I’m not doing this only to get better rewards.”
    Jaakko, 35, Dragon, Helsinki

  • “The best part is to get to give feedback on the things that you really feel strongly about. It is interesting to see how much you learn from missions and start to pay more attention to different things in everyday life.”
    Fanny, 21, Phoenix, Espoo

  • “Using Crowst is an easy way to express opinions on topical things from home couch. Of course, hoping that it would truly make a change. In addition, the rewarding system and the gift cards bring joy to life.”
    Sirpa, 60, Phoenix, Turku

  • “Using Crowst is a good way to follow what’s happening in the world. You can adjust the usage to your own life and there are different mission types suitable for all kinds of users.You influence on things and earn extra by going to the same places where you would usually go anyway.”
    Kristoffer, 40, Eagle, Helsinki

Your opinion is valuable.
We reward you for it!

Why do I earn points?

For every mission you complete, you earn points to move up on levels. More points, better level. On the 3 top levels you earn more points and euros from each mission as follows:

Eagle: +15%
Phoenix: +25%
Dragon: +50%

Crowst app levels
Crowst app redeem gift card with earned euros

How can I exchange euros for gift cards?

When you have collected minimum of 10€ by responding to missions, you can start redeeming gift cards with collected euros. You can choose your preferred gift card from our wide gift card selection. Depending on voucher type it will be delivered to you by email or by mail.

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