Shopper Insights – 5 myths to break

“Shoppers” are not always the same as “Consumers”. Moreover, the Shopper journey does not begin when the shopper enters the store; it begins way before that. People are complex and consequently, their behaviours are complex. Yesterday’s insight methods belong to the past, read more about the myths that deserve busting.
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Vaasan Ltd unlocks the power of audiences, in the form of direct insights pulse

Over the past 170 years the Vaasan bread and bakery products have been a strong, desired element on the Finnish...
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Changing food trends – Cooking, eating and buying at the time of COVID-19

Covid-19 alias the corona pandemic has impacted the lives of all of us. However, there are also positive implications, such...
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Crowst unleashes its insights pulse globally, covering 60M people in 80 countries

Crowst, an internationally award-winning insights company from Finland, expands its behavioral survey and concept & campaign testing services to the...
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Introducing our superpower – The Crowsters

Today, in the era of consumer awareness, gathering consumer insights is crucial for every company. Market is full of different...
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Crowst introduces new consumer audiences, from Innovators to Laggards

On innovation and trends, we are all adopters. It depends on the case whether we are ahead of the curve...
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Insider’s view: Where creativity, customer experience and insights meet

Jaakko Veijola, the Founding Partner and Creative at Wörks Agency, shares his views on what is happening in the field,...
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Sevan boosts sales in Finland, driven to introduce the best of Middle Eastern foods to Finnish homes

Sevan, the Sweden based foods company dedicated to offer the best Middle Eastern foods to Finnish homes and tastes, is...
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Insider’s view: Urbanization drives new trends and eating habits

In this article Tomi Kuittinen, Head of Insight & Foresight at HKScan Oyj, shares his view on drivers and trends...
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On Slush spotlight: Crowst chosen as the best company of Nordic Angel Program

At Crowst, we feel thrilled and humbled. At Slush 2019, Crowst has been selected as the best company of Nordic...
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