Before launch, show your concepts or campaign sketches to consumers and they tell you what works and what doesn't.

You typically get 300 responses in 30 minutes. Launch the study in the morning, and you have your results by lunch time.

Connect in minutes

Designed for better concept & campaign testing – Crowst

Connect with real consumers, instantly. The test is set up in minutes; either we do it for you, or you can do it yourself. When the study is live, you start to get responses in the very first minute.

Validate on the go

Concepts, campaigns, ads, and designs; real consumers tell you what works and why - Crowst

Messages, ads, pictures and films. Show them to your target audience, and they tell you what works. View the responses as automated graphs and wordclouds on the Dashboard, in real-time.

Store concept development

Invite consumers to co-ideate how your store or other POS concept should be developed. Match the expectations from the get-go.

Validate ads, package designs & campaigns

Before launch, show your content to consumers. Your target audience will help you, with qualitative argumentation.

Mobile web experience testing

Optimize your online experience. Using smartphones, visitors visit your website within the study, evaluating the experience.

What our Customers say...

  • “We wanted to get that genuine pulse of thoughts, and we got it with Crowst’s solution designed for smartphones.”
    Jussi Laukkanen, CEO of Saimaa Brewing Co

  • “We are not tied to our desks and desktops anymore, thus a valid customer experience planning requires a solid mobile-first approach and flawless execution”
    Kalle Kanerva, Senior Partner and Strategy Director at TBWA\Helsinki

  • “Typically, we get 500 responses in around 50 hours from our target customers. This is the speed and quality we need to make the right decisions on our product go-to-market approach.”
    Sari Iija, Brand Manager, Leader Foods

  • “Our mission is to provide top quality creative designs to our customers, swiftly when they need it. Crowst has enabled us to test and verify our designs by consumers on a need-basis, when required. We are very happy with our collaboration and will continue to work with Crowst also in the future.”
    Jaakko Veijola, Founding Partner, Wörks Agency

  • “It was so easy for us, and most importantly, the consumer engagement via Crowst didn’t slow down our concept go-to-market process, it only contributed to it.”
    Marko Röytiö, Managing Director, Clas Ohlson Finland

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