It’s better to know than to guess.
Enhance your business with direct consumer insights.

Consumer Insights – from trends to audits

Understanding consumer preferences, trends, decisions and their perception on the execution in stores has not been easy. Today, Crowst has thousands of virtual consumers, Crowsters, who are ready and willing to share insights at any time based on your business needs. Hear them out, and optimize your marketing and sales performance.

Consumer trends

Consumer trends and opinions change constantly, and sales data is always a step behind in forecasting tomorrow’s phenomena. Reach out to consumers directly and let them share what they are excited about, in the context that matter to your business. Are your marketing activities and consumer interests aligned?


At POS locations such as stores and restaurants, consumer perceptions are formed and purchasing decisions made. Campaigns are run and customers served. See the reality of your in-store excellence through the eyes of the consumers and not just a merchandiser or your field force.


Our Customers

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The Crowst Way

Consumer enabled Crowst solution is the name, and challenging the old ways of market research is our game. Crowst has been formed by a team of passionate and committed people who have solid global experience in retail development, marketing, sales, strategy, consumer insights, and mobile technologies.

  • Richard Jerome

    Richard Jerome, Founder & CEO

  • Jyrki Kallinen

    Jyrki Kallinen, Co-Founder & CMO

  • Marcus Ahlfors

    Marcus Ahlfors, Technology & Platform

  • Mats Wolontis

    Mats Wolontis, Chairman of the Board, Investor

  • Jaana Rosendahl

    Jaana Rosendahl, Board Member, Investor

We believe that companies, big or small, have the same need for consumer insights that impacts their businesses. Budget or resources should not be an obstacle. Digital technologies enabling automation, powered by real consumers, is the future of consumer Intelligence and Crowst is built on this belief.

Together with our customers we are re-defining how companies learn about their market through direct consumer engagement. Crowst helps to make insights supported business decisions faster, more cost efficiently and in better ways than ever before.

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