Behavioural Surveys

Understanding consumer behaviour and developing customer experience requires relevant and timely insights.

Do you wish to understand the drivers for customer experience today? Are you keen to optimize your operations and boost sales? We provide the pulse that enables to listen and learn, via surveys. Consumers are motivated to help you to help them, in the form of better and more competitive products and services.

Our learning cycle is short; starting with minutes.


Target your right segments

Your insights results are as good and actionable as your targeting is. We want to ensure you hear the voice of those that matter you the most. In the countries and cities of your interest.


Track surveys in real-time

When the survey is live, view the progress on the Crowst Dashboard. Filter and compare the data on the fly, and see the response spread on a heatmap. With simplicity, we make it easy for you.

Opinions and attitudes

What people think, what do they prefer and why? Learn what molds opinions today, which trends are emerging and which are becoming part of the past.


Experiences reinforce or change behaviors and awareness. What are the trends and customer experience pulse today, among your key audiences, 24/7?

Brands and buying

Opinions and perceptions steer behaviour. What is the sentiment today on companies, brands, and buying? Listen to those who buy, they know the best.

What our Customers say...

  • “It was so easy for us, and most importantly, the consumer engagement via Crowst didn’t slow down our concept go-to-market process, it only contributed to it.”
    Marko Röytiö, Managing Director, Clas Ohlson Finland

  • “Crowsters, consumers who live throughout Finland and use the Crowst mobile app to respond to studies, delivered us the first 100 responses from Helsinki to Oulu within 24 hours.”
    Tomi Kuittinen, Head of Insight & Foresight, HKScan

  • “By working with Crowst we have learned the strength of mobile in sourcing direct insights from citizens. People are able to respond using their smartphones, which means the responses and automated insights are available on the Crowst Dashboard, always up-to-date.”
    Heli Rantanen, Head of Citizen Interaction, City of Helsinki

  • “In outdoor advertising business we need to constantly follow consumer trends. Crowst has shown us an innovative way for that, and we have been impressed by the speed and quality of our collaboration.”
    Sampo Koskinen, Head of Marketing, JCDecaux Finland

  • “User research is an integral part of our design and product development. We are constantly looking for new participants. Crowst’s platform helps us finding the right people quickly and efficiently.”
    Kateryna Fan, Service Designer, F-Secure

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