It's your customer journey.

Why Should You Care About Your Customer Journey

Jemmi Laaninen

For you, customer journey is always present.

Every possible thing you make with the company – their response or proactive action should be viewed as one part of the customer service. Their every action in general should be viewed as a part of their customer service. Baseline is the customer journey and how you as a customer experience it.

We’ve come across multiple different situations when we have encountered customer service. It’s not just the contact you take when something’s fallen apart or when you need assistance with something.

Unique scenarios are unique reasons for feedback

We all have bought a product which turned out to be defected, haven’t we? We’ve all been left muttering after a sorry excuse of a customer service, just thinking about what we would have done differently in that situation.

We have all experienced exceptionally good customer service, or have found ourselves delighted on the smallest nuances in the buying process.

We’ve all come across things that might not have been even annoying, but just little things that could be done more efficiently, providing better customer experience. How many times you have made these notions? How many times you’ve given feedback to the company after this?

It’s safe to say that most of us haven’t done it too many times.

Best customer journey relies on data and feedback

Rather easily we tend to think that the feedback won’t go anywhere. In a Crowst study regarding giving feedback and the agendas behind it, customers felt hesitant to give feedback spontaneously since they didn’t believe it would make a difference. They didn’t believe that somebody would actually act on it.

Any company that wants to provide best customer journey will cherish every feedback they get. This is the majority of companies, after all. They will reply, they will forward the message and review it. At some point this might proceed to taking action.

Study also showed that people are more likely to voice their opinion when asked to do so. That being stated it also showed that people are less likely to give a spontaneous feedback when it comes to light development ideas. According to the study, most people start opening up when things have gone terribly bad or especially well.

In digitalized world, every move you make in different websites can be tracked to a point. It provides companies with data that makes it easier for them to provide interesting and relevant content for you. It helps them to better their services from your point of view. This data is very important, yet it isn’t the only thing companies should rely on. Long lines of ones and zeros add up to information about the customer’s behavior in certain level, but it doesn’t necessarily give the reason why customer is doing what they are doing. That’s where customer feedback plays a crucial part.

Feedback for better customer journey

When doing business of any kind, it’s nearly impossible to keep evolving and developing just based on best guesses and old, proven practices. It might be that the company doesn’t know the pain points of the customer journey, if customers don’t point those out. Even the slightest thing is important to voice out.

So the next time you encounter a thing you’d like to improve in your customer journey, take iniative and give feedback. Most companies have more than one channel for feedback so pick the best for you, create a meaningful, thought-out message and give the feedback. If that feels a bit of a hassle, you can always check if the company is keeping any surveys live on their website or in different, independent survey platforms like Crowst. That’s how you can count on the fact that your opinion will be viewed and your voice will be heard.

And hopefully, your customer journey will improve.