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The app is available in Finland now!


How it works?

Crowst app for Android and IOS is available now in Finland. Using the app, you can answer different kinds of survey missions on your phone, and earn money to your Crowst mobile account. You can redeem the money you have earned from the survey missions as gift cards in the amounts of 10€ or 20€. Depending on the mission you may also get product prizes, and earn Crowst points that help you to access higher levels in the community of Crowsters where you have even better benefits.

See below how it’s done.

1. Select missions

View open missions in your area, and pick the one you like. For some missions you need to be in a specific location, for some others you can answer from anywhere.

2. Answer

Answer simple questions using your phone, and take a sharp photo or two if the mission instructs to do so. Finally, submit your answers to us.

3. Earn benefits

Upon approval of your submission, you will receive the mission specific benefit. This may be monetary value in euros, a product prize and/or Crowst points.

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