Your opinions are important.
Voice them using the Crowst mobile app and earn gift cards

Companies, whose products and services you use, want to hear your views and learn. To hear what you think about them, and also what you see in locations where their products are sold and services offered.

Crowst brings companies and customers together. Via the Crowst mobile app you can share your valuable views with companies and earn rewards.

Crowst missions

A useful app that allows you to get heard and earn.


What do you think about vegan food products or emerging sports trends? Your opinions count, and you can often respond to these surveys from where you happen to be in the moment, from your home sofa or on a bus while commuting. Answer using your phone when you feel like it, without being interrupted by unwanted interviewers.


With Crowst you earn while shopping! Companies need in-store information on their product placements, prices, campaigns and service quality. See what missions are open near you and respond on the location, including taking photos as instructed. You can do mystery shopping and earn while doing your own shopping for the week.

See below how it’s done.


The more you do, the more you earn.
Grow your wings!

Crowst rewards you based on your missions activity. When you install the Crowst app your Crowst journey has started; you are an Egg. Get familiar with the app by doing the Intro missions and earn your first points; With these points, you will hatch from your egg into a Duckling.

The points help you achieve higher Crowster levels and thus evolve into a mightier, more experienced bird. In the top three levels, Dragon, Phoenix and Eagle, you earn euro value multipliers for the missions you do. See the “Ranking” section on the app in the top left menu to learn more about the multipliers.

Download the Crowst app and become a Crowster influencer today!